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    We work in partnership with educational facilities, community groups and organisations to promote health and wellbeing by creatively applying psychology solutions through innovative projects.

Psychology Innovations

We believe in promoting early intervention and in finding creative solutions to enhance the accessibility of psychology services. At The Psychology Partnership we have developed Psychology Innovations to enable us to apply our knowledge and skills in novel ways to promote psychological health and wellbeing in a range of settings. Through Psychology Innovations we cultivate creative psychology solutions with a particular emphasis on preventative psychology services that help to build resilience and support emotional wellbeing for children, families and communities.

We work together with schools and other educational facilities, organisations and community groups. Through our collaborative and respectful approach, creative psychology solutions can organically flourish and benefit the lives of all those involved.

We have a particular interest in the promotion of mindfulness-based practices across the lifespan and across different settings.

With a positive history of supporting fellow psychologists, we also offer a platform for other professionals to launch well-being initiatives within the south-west. We provide an open and respectful working culture that facilitates empowerment for those we work with and we welcome interests from individuals or organizations for potential partnership working.

Are you part of an educational facility, community or organisation that would benefit from some positive psychological input to support the health and wellbeing of the system and those involved in it? Please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss possible ways forward with you.